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The Addict's Family will be partnering with WoodmenLife Chapter 93 Bristol to bring Bristol Saves Lives to Cumberland Square Park August 13th.

Guest speakers Dr. Vance Shaw from High Point Client in Johnson City TN, Nancy Carter Daniels from Tennessee Overdose Prevention & You Are Linked to Resources for Families of People with Substance Use Disorders, Dr. Fred Brason from Project Lazarus in North Carolina, as well as personnel from the Bristol VA Fire and Police Departments. I am also very happy to report that we will have special guests Michael and Darla DeLeon of Steered Straight will be in attendance! 
Joshua Sherman (a recovering addict himself) and owner of a Cyber Security and Network Consulting Company will also be speaking.

We are trying to educate addicts and their families as to the importance of Naloxone/Narcan in order to save lives, but our main goal is to try and equip first responders with this life saving drug. The Ambulance is not always there first, and every second counts.

We will be having an event soon and by then we hope to have as many donations as we can so that we can buy Ampules and other forms of Naloxone in order to donate it to the Bristol, VA police Department as well as to anyone who has a loved one who is an addict. 

Naloxone itself does nothing to a person unless he or she is overdosing on opiates, and then it will 100% save their lives. The money you donate will go directly to the purchase of this drug to be handed out. 

We are sponsored by many local pharmacies, most of which  are selling us the drug at cost or donating it. We are in talks with Adapt and another major manufacturer to see if we can get larger amounts. 

The Donations will help to cover not only the Naloxone, but some professional speakers. There will be so many different resources available to help fight this AMA designated disease and if we can save just one life with this, it will have been worth it.

Please, if you can spare anything, we would appreciate it. Nothing in the World is worse than losing a loved one to drugs. This is s omething I have dealth with time and time again, and it is getting now to the point that I can imagine every one of your lives have been touched in this manner. 

My Name is Joshua Sherman, I own a Cyber Security Company named SysHalt Technologies, Inc. and my company will be supporting and sponsoring the event with so many others. 

This is for a good cause. With the sheer amount of over-prescribing going on in Tennessee and Virginia, it is of epidemic proportions. Opiate overdose deaths have now surpassed deaths in car accidents. This CAN STOP, if we just reach into our hearts and try to stop it.
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